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Conect MGCamd and CCam

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  • Conect MGCamd and CCam

    You probably know MGCamd.
    This is great client EMU that is in my opinion better than CCcam and OScam (as client!!).
    Configuring is quite easy, you just need to have right instructions.
    For example, OScam is real pain in the arse when you want to set it up.

    Well I prepared a package for you: you can download this file from attachments

    Here you will get mgcamd 1.36 for mipsel receivers (VU+, CT and Dreambox receivers) + two config files.
    One is called mg_cfg, other one is cccam.list. Both files need to be in var/keys

    mg_cfg is already edited so it can be used immediately (mgcamd+cccam connection)!
    What you need to do is to make a C line and copy/paste it in cccam.list file.
    Easy! I assume you know how to make C line? First you need to make F line on your server side where cccam is running.
    Then simply make C line from that F line! For more instruction check google

    And thats it! You now have MGCamd which is connected to CCcam server.
    You will see that MGCamd is very fast when it comes to zapping speed
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