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What is IPTV?

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  • What is IPTV?

    What is IPTV?

    The MultiChoice IPTV solution provides DStv Services over an IP network allowing System integration to provide Internet, telephone and DStv over a single network point. Now you can keep tabs on security, supply information, update accounts, run promotions and entertain guests and residents without any effort on your part.

    MultiChoice brings you the latest IP Technology with the new HD-1 Decoder.

    The DStv HP Decoder lets you do amazing things! It has revolutionised the TV experience with life-like viewing, sharper images, more intense colours and precision picture quality.
    With MultiChoice's IPTV Solution, you can bring a whole new calibre of entertainment to your commercial, hospitality or residential establishment.
    What is the DStv DVB over IP solution?

    Digital Video Broadcasting over Internet Protocol (DVB over IP) is the delivery of DStv services to customers over satellite, to an Appear TV head end, where it is converted from a satellite signal into an IP signal and multicast over a closed IP network to the DStv IP HD-1 decoder.
    This is the first MultiChoice solution making DStv services available over an IP network. This saves approximately 50% of costs compared to an L-band distribution in a gated community. It also enables a customised portal of information and other services per deployment.
    The DStv DVB over IP solution is designed for any large organisation looking to implement an IP network within the organisation (hotel, company, gated community, multi-unit dwelling, shopping centre, hospital, stadium, etc.)
    This solution is also available to communities that already have an IP infrastructure set up within their community. The DStv IP HD-1 decoder does not have a PVR, however if a DVB-H installation exists there is an option to Xtraview their current PVR with the DStv IP HD-1 decoder. For this solution, a typical satellite or L Band solution to use PVR (Personal Video Recording functionality) is required.
    How Does IPTV Work?


    1. High Definition TV (capable)
    2. 8 Day Electronic TV Guide
    3. i-plate with 24hr EPG
    4. Easy Service List Navigation
    5. Parental Control with Central PIN management
    6. Installation Menu with Central PIN management
    7. Subtitling
    8. Multiple Languages (including Family Audio) when available with certain channels
    9. Surround Sound
    10. TV-link
    11. A Java Portal which can be developed to:

    1. Display live video streams (e.g. security cameras)
    2. Integrate into existing systems to display account details, welcome messages, etc.
    3. Display information pages (e.g. emergency services information, room service menus, golf club operating hours, etc.)
    4. Support unencrypted Video on Demand
    5. Display local content/narrow casting channels (e.g. company or hotel promotion channels)