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how to Setup IPTV System

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  • how to Setup IPTV System

    hi there
    how to Setup IPTV System ?
    please help me ...........

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    hi zeeshared
    i think there are many Solutions

    In the script the following is required to be setup by choice of the adminstrator

    Script should

    -Load all drivers and systems required to operate the encoders
    -Setup DHCP servers for encoders
    -Setup VLC
    -Set IP on all adapters
    -Set streaming port for output for all encoders attached
    -Set Channel Streaming for all encoders attached
    -Set Encoders to stream at boot and ensure unit if reboot automaticly streams as per the setup script
    -Monitor stream and restart streaming if required
    -If the setup script is run again then new settings can be input to reprovision
    -Setup script is intended to run off a fresh Ubuntu load.
    -Setup trans coded with VLC, we have the trans code info and port info as per above


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      I heard that Plugin: IPTV for WDLXTV
      can you explain
      sorry for bad english