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Nice jokes with your teatchers !

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  • Nice jokes with your teatchers !

    One day a trainer brings along an elephant for a walk in the town. Along one street this elephant saw a man urinating in the bush and bursted out laughing.

    The trainer was puzzled why this elephant laughed so he asked him, “Hi my good boy, why did you laugh?”
    The elephant told the trainer, look man how small his trunk is….as compared to mine, laughing all the way…


    Teacher: How do you spell crocodile?
    Student: K-R-O-K-O-D-I-L-E.
    Teacher: No that’s wrong.
    Student: But you asked me how I spell it!!


    Teacher: If you have 10 chocolates and someone asks for 2 then how many left there?
    Student: 10 chocolates.
    Teacher: Well, if someone forcibily take 2 then how many left?
    Student: 10 chocolates and a guy with black eyes!!!