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Openbox CI-7200PVR satellite receiver.

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  • Openbox CI-7200PVR satellite receiver.

    Digital Revolution has really happened! Before we use our personal computer for watching TV, listening to music and viewing photos, but now the more convenient way of doing this is Openbox CI-7200PVR satellite receiver.
    Satellite receiver Openbox CI-7200PVR can be definitely named the “modern multimedia center” with simply unlimited capabilities. The most important fact is that while Openbox CI-7200PVR has the richest set of user functions; it is very convenient to operate by the ordinary user.
    The Basic Opportunities of Receiver Openbox CI-7200PVR
    • Two independent DVB-S tuners of excellent sensitivity
    • 2 x CI the interface and 1 card reader for official subscription cards
    • Simultaneous recording of three channels (2 in usual mode, 1 in Time-Shift mode)
    • Recording of encoded programs in an original format with the subsequent decoding
    • " Picture in a Picture " Mode
    • Support of hard disks up to 750GB and more (~ 400 hours of record of video)
    • Time Shift Function with expanded capabilities
    • Built-in editor of video recordings (deleting of advertisements, etc)
    • Tab functions for convenience of search of the necessary fragments on record
    • Excellent quality of the picture through CVBS, S-Video, RGB and componential PbPrY video outputs
    • Cashing of EPG-information on a hard disk for convenience of search of the necessary program
    • Convenient MP3 music player and JPEG photo viewer
    • Reproduction of films/music/photos from a computer and stream network video
    • Network port Ethernet 100Mbit for connection to a computer and access to Internet
    • USB host port for connection of digital cameras, MP3 players, etc.
    • Updating and installation of software with USB Flash memory (without a computer)
    • VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
    • Excellent design of receiver and remote control

    Openbox CI-7200PVR is a result of a three-year work of a powerful team of developers from South Korea. Some work relating to localization of product and optimization of functions was done by Satellite Systems.
    You will never regret buying Openbox CI-7200PVR because you are assured that it is adapted for different markets.
    The front panel makes impression of solidity, power and vigor that corresponds to the features of the receiver itself. Some things about this receiver should better be seen than described.
    Controls are located on the right hand side of the panel and can be used instead of remote control not only to change the volume but to execute almost any command.
    The left hand side of the panel is actually a cover. There are 2 hidden slots for installation of CAM-modules and card reader for subscription of cards for pay TV viewing channels of paid digital satellite TV. There is also USB port which however intended not for connection to a computer, but for connecting of various devices to a receiver like flash memory, digital cameras, MP3-players and even mobile phones!
    With USB port, it is possible to update the software without the aid of a computer and to copy music and photos on a hard disk of the receiver.
    In the middle of the front panel, there is a Vacuum Fluorescent Display behind a dark glass. The display can show the channel name, operating mode and many other things. Brightness and color of a luminescence are chosen very carefully so the information is perfectly visible at bright illumination, and it will not harsh your eyes at night.
    The receiver includes a SCART cable, which provides a better connection to TV. If your plasma or LCD panels do not have SCART input port, it is possible to order componental cable SCARTx3RCA. The fact is that the receiver gives out on SCART an output as RGB, and componental PbPrY (which must be set in the menu). Pb-7, Pr-15, Y-11 are compatible output contacts on SCART..
    If there is no opportunity to use SCART it is possible to use the composite RCA output or S-Video output; in both cases, the receiver produces best possible picture
    The receiver also allows different modes of connection to other audio equipment. In simple case, it is a stereo output on SCART or 2xRCA output. And if you are the owner of a home cinema who wishes to feel all force of 5.1-channels surround sound you should use digital optical output S/PDIF.

    Receiver Openbox CI-7200PVR has following communication capabilities:
    • 2 LNB input/output of DVB-S tuners
    • 100/10Mbit Ethernet network port with TCP/IP and Samba support
    • RS-232 port for service tasks
    • 2 x SCART (TV and VCR). TV connector, except for usual output, it gives out componental PbPrY signal for perfect image
    • Classical 3 x RCA outputs of composite video signal and a stereo sound
    • Video output: S-Video
    • Digital optical output of sound S/PDIF
    • Input/output modulator
    • The toggle 220 V power switch of a network 220 V
    • USB Female host port (under a cover of the front panel)
    • 2 x CI the interface and one card reader (also under a cover of the front panel)

    Port RS-232 on rear panel is used for service of a receiver and is supposed to be used by the end user. For the end user there is much more interesting option: network Ethernet 100/10Mbit through which it is possible to perform many different operations: copy records, music, photos, use stream video, edit the list of channels and other things.
    The receiver has two absolutely independent tuners that give practically unlimited possibilities in viewing and recording of channels. To facilitate these possibilities it is advisable to install twin LNB (with two outputs) on satellite dish and provide 2 cables into the house.
    If only one cable goes down, it is advisable to install the Loop Through as is shown on the photo.
    The receiver Openbox CI-7200PVR has an excellent remote control unit, which has ergonomic design and conveniently lays in hand. It has priority layout of buttons; buttons most often used are closer to the center. The buttons responsible for PVR functions are in the bottom part as well as multipurpose color buttons. The sizes of the buttons and the distances between them are optimally designed so they are very convenient to use.
    Normally because of the high voltage, the end users are not advised to look or touch anything under the metal casing but let us look under the cover. We will see the result of the innovations of many engineers transformed by the Koreans into the finished first class product.
    Just like any other quality product, Openbox CI-7200PVR has modular design. It has the following modules: a power supply unit, a main board, an indicator board and a card reader board. The modular design increases the functionality and reliability of the product and improves its technical parameters.
    The power supply unit is made from modern components and all necessary active elements are supplied with radiators for improvement of cooling. It will provide stable work of a receiver at voltage from 90 up to 250 volt.
    The heart of the main board is the product of American company IBM-RISC processor IBM Power PC. It has 250 MHz frequency and so can execute millions of operations in one second.
    Because of fast speed of the processor and high capacity of the hard disk heat is dissipated inside the receiver so it is therefore forbidden to put any objects on the receiver, as this would obstruct natural cooling.
    The Openbox CI-7200PVR receivers have standard IDE hard disks, which are used in personal computers. The hard disk is fastened on a metal housing by means of screws with rubber shock absorbers that minimizes vibrations created by the rotating disk. Hence, it will not break silence during viewing of your favorite film.