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  • Skybox F5 mini review

    After having this wee box for just over a week I cant believe how good it is, Its so much ***ier than the crappy Eaglebox 800 it replaced due to its glossy Black finish and lack of unit buttons and card slot door. The unit does have a viewing card slot at the left hand side though. I had the box up and running in about 5 minutes, after placing a 8 Gig TDK USB stick in the back I was able to record HD channels without problem. The units multi CAS card reader is as good as any more expensive box with it reading my Al Jaz Irdeto, $ky Italia ND$ cards without problem. There was some other surprises in the Cams Setup menu that I cant discuss as it would stray into the non allowed and I have the greatest respect for the forum. I think the most I can say is the receiver can be a bit "Seedy" if you catch my drift. The box has YouTube and pin protected YouPorn video Apps also, and is a 12 Volt receiver with a AC/DC power adaptor.

    Retail box:

    Actual box on top of a Eaglebox 800HD:



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