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Easy step by step Amiko Alien 2, To Get the Channels working

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  • Easy step by step Amiko Alien 2, To Get the Channels working

    Easy step by step Amiko Alien 2, To Get the Channels working

    It is assumed that your box has updated from the stb from menu spark.

    1) Download: - All_emu_plugin_Alien_16.07.2012

    Unzip and put the plugin folder on USB drive (Kingston are recommended others might work) insert USB drive into rear USB socket of stb, when prompted to install press ok on remote control, (you have installed oscam the file you need we’ll come back to this a bit later. )

    2) Download: - CCcam to Oscam Converter (very easy program to use)

    Open program,- top left: - click > F: C: or N: of your line,

    Top right- click> open cccam.cfg and import your cccam.cfg file OR paste in your line into top box,

    Click> save oscam.server, (you’ve now saved your line as oscam)

    3) Open DCC – Dream Control Centre- (or your preferred FTP program)
    You’ll need to add your router PC and stb IP addresses (loads of info on the net, how to find your IP addresses) get a green line between all 3 then bottom left click> FTP

    Next: - in the right window of DCC search for the file you saved on PC (file should be called oscam.server) right click and edit then highlight all the txt and click copy with the top copy button.

    Left window of DCC Click>Var->/root/plugin.. click> keys then right click oscam.server and edit, then highlight the # on number 3 and click the paste button above top of left window then the save button and confirm you want to replace oscam and close.

    4) On stb press menu then “plug in” highlight oscam and press ok button to start (if green press to stop RED then click to start again should be Green then exit,
    Best to restart stb go to channel if done as above you should be sorted.

    If this helped please click the thank you button
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