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How to ftp to Alien 2

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  • How to ftp to Alien 2

    How to ftp to Alien 2

    A Basic How to ftp to Alien 2

    You will need a FTP program to run on your PC, Personally i use Filezilla, its free and does the job. Just Google it.

    Once installed on your PC run it, enter the IP address of your Alien 2 in the Filezilla HOST box (this can be found on the Alien 2 by pressing Menu / system / Net setting / IP Config. Your box IP will be the top one, ie IP 192.168.1. ?? NOT the Gateway IP, this is your Routers IP.).

    Then enter your user name "root" (you can't change u/name on the Aliien 2.

    then your Password (default password is root ).

    Press "Quickconnect" on Filezilla . You should now be connected to the Alien 2 and you will see the file listings in the right hand panel of Filezilla.

    Your PC file listings will be located on the Left hand pane of F/zilla.

    Simply follow the location of where to put the for example Picons and copy them from the L/H/ pane (your PC's HDD) to the folder in the R/H/pane (Alien 2 box).

    You will have to open several directories in the RH pane to reach the destination folder for the Picons ( root/spark/AppUserDb/icon).

    This may sound a daunting task, but once you've done it gets easier.