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How to Flash Enigma2... Part 2, Storage, Skin, Picons and Plugins

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  • How to Flash Enigma2... Part 2, Storage, Skin, Picons and Plugins

    This part of the guide ramps up a pace, I couldn't be arsed doing step by step, therefore I'm assuming people are tech savvy and are comfortable with FTP and Putty.

    Jump through the configuration, but just go as far as getting the network setup, you quit after that, we'll setup the tuners and scan later.

    First things first, we want to get rid of the horrible Christmas theme, menu-->plugins then press the green button to open a download menu where you can download lots of stuff. Get a bootlogo and a skin. Once downloaded to enable the skin go back to menu-->Setup-->System-->Skin. PLI HD is the nicest, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

    Remove crap Bouquets
    Now to delete the default bouquets, you can easily delete them on the box or use DreamBoxEdit, set it up with the FTP info, IP, username and password. To do it on the box, press OK to bring up the channel selection (it will be blank), blue for favourites, then by highlighting and pressing menu you have a remove bouquet entry option. I deleted all bouquets except Favourites (TV) before I did a scan.

    use the latest images and plugins
    Details are here.

    Configure Tuners and Scan
    Next we will setup the tuners. To do this we go to setup-->service searching-->tuner configuration. Set Tuner A to Europe DVB-T frequencies. I have an inline UHF amplifier so I enable power for that. Setup the satellite tuner B like in the images below, Tuner C gets set to "Equal to Tuner B". Setting the satellite tuner to clear before scan will remove all the channels already stored but not working.

    After a full scan it's time for autobouquets.
    • Extract dvbsnoop from zip file and ftp across to /usr/bin change permissions for this file to 777
    • Extract and ftp the directory Autobouquets to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/
    • Change permissions of the file in the Autobouquets directory to 755
    • Then restart Enigma2 and then go to Plugins and you should see Autobouquets installed. Run autobouquets and it will create lots of bouquets of channels in the same order as Sky UK, it will take 10-15 mins.


    Here is a complete pack of decent picons, I downloaded a nice pack online and used a software to make the few that are missing and added terrestrial ones. Extract the picon folder to /usr/local/share/enigma2

    Next for the storage, Plug in an NTFS or FAT32 formatted usb drive or key then Telnet into the box using Putty and run the following commands to format it to ext3 and mount it:
    mkfs.ext3 -L RECORD /dev/sda1
    cd /autofs/sda1
    mkdir movie

    You will find CrossEPG in the plugins download section. I find that it works fine with OpenTV enabled for the 28.2 satellite but there is a bug I listed in an earlier post, once configured to store on the drive we added above don't open configure again or it will change the path to local flash and cause the box to get laggy. I've it set to download daily at 9.00AM which works fine as long as you don't open configure. You can check that it's set correctly by viewing the crossepg.config in /var/crossepg/, the first line should read db_root=/media/hdd/crossepg

    Other Plugins to check out are Cool TV Guide and Autotimers (series link)

    That's basically it, let me know if you find any mistakes

    I've added some screenshots of it all setup. (Don't ask how I got Sky channels working, I will not answer, not even to pms)

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