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How to setup VIX Image VU+DUO/SOLO

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  • How to setup VIX Image VU+DUO/SOLO

    First you will need to setup the video display and language.

    Next setup the network.

    Here you can choose to use DHCP to assign you an ip address or you can set it as static.

    If you dont want to use DHCP select "NO" and fill out the required values.

    Check for any new updates to the vix image.

    Press Menu > Setup > Software management > Software update > Press "OK" to update the STB.

    After CCcam has been installed you will need to activate it.

    Press Menu > Setup > Softcam/ci > Softcam setup

    Here you can choose to enable CCcam at startup by pressing Blue button.

    Now to setup the Tuner using manually stored positions.

    Press Menu > Setup > Service searching > Tuner configuration.

    Set tuner A configuration mode to "advanced".

    Select the satellite you want to store.

    Then change "DISEqC mode" to "1.2".

    Scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Use usals for this sat" to "NO".

    Then set the "stored position".

    Next go to Positioner setup.

    Press Menu > Setup > Service searching > Positioner setup

    Select the tune tab and hit the red button, You can manually enter satellites and transponders of your choice in this menu.

    You can find the strongest transponders for each satellite HERE

    Enter the details of the transponder or use the predifined transponder options and hit the ok button.

    Scroll down to the positioner fine movement tab and use the green and yellow buttons to manually step the dish east or west until you find the strongest signal.

    When you have found the strongest position go to "postioner storage" and choose the postion you saved in the first step.

    Press the Green button to store the position.

    Enigma 2 channel settings can be downloaded from the VIX server,

    To do this press Menu > Plugins > Green button > Bouquets

    If you want to do an Automatic Scan try this.

    Press Menu > Setup > Service searching > Automatic Scan > Ok to scan

    The VU+ should now start scanning the satellite using the stored position rather than usals.

    If the box says "nothing to scan, please set up your tuner configuration" you need to update your satellites xml file,

    You can create your own own here

    (Ftp it to etc/tuxbox replacing any existing satellites xml if it asks )

    Continue this process and give each satellite a differant stored position..
    Cs-AllOCCcam team...