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Vu+ SOLO Boot Loader Updgrade

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  • Vu+ SOLO Boot Loader Updgrade

    The CFE image of Vu+ Solo is updated.

    The main difference from the old one is supporting the large size image more than 48MB.

    Please see the detailed explanation of update as below.

    1 - Unzip the to USB stick.

    (There should be /vuplus/solo/cfe_cfe_auto.bin)

    2 - Insert USB stick into the USB port of solo and power on the box.

    3 - It takes just a few secs to update.

    4 - If solo's front led blinks continuously,Restart box.

    5 - To proceed with image update, you should delete the cfe_cfe_auto.bin at /vuplus/solo in USB stick once bootloader update is finished.

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