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Default Edit CCcam+ Newcamd accounts & MGcamd Plug setting

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  • [GUIDE] Default Edit CCcam+ Newcamd accounts & MGcamd Plug setting

    Default Edit CCcam+ Newcamd accounts & MGcamd Plug setting

    CS share protocol settings.

    Edit CCcam+Newcamd accounts:

    1. Prepare an available Cccam code and select it, as following code format

    C: 63001 ah4Cf5hCh e85e1104D yes

    N: 12000 user1008 password102 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    2. Use Wordpad to open “Cccam.CFG” file , and copy the available code into the wordpad and save it.

    3. Then copy the Cccam.CFG file with available code into your U disk root list.

    4. Connect the USB driver with the HD model’s usb port.

    5. Press "menu" into Cccam setting ,select Cccam Plug Setting and OK.

    6. Select read CCcam.cfg From USB and press OK.

    7. After read the available code ,please select Account Management and press OK.

    8. You can select maximum 4 CCcam accounts at one time, but for newcamd accounts not be limited.
    After activate the sharing accounts.

    9. For MGcamd Plug setting.

    Our enable Mgcamd protocol for patch CCcam.
    Some channels for Europe , the channels decoded don`t use actual CAID, but used other CAID, so our need a replace.list to patch the actual CAID to other.

    10.Edit and Copy the replace.lst and Ignore list to U disk root list, then press " update replace.list by USB device or Update ignore.list by USB device" to load the files and save the files to STB.

    11. Twin protocol:

    Twin protocol is satellite share protocol, user need a satellite dongle connect with serial cable RS232 to the STB`s Serial prot. Then select "ON" the function.

    12. Network Local settings:

    Select Network Local Setting and press OK.

    13. At DHCP select “ON” and then select “Apply “ press OK.

    14. When everything is ready ,please press “Standby” ,then reboot the model again.
    So the sharing setting is now finished.


    This tutorial was sent to me by a member, who wishes to remain anonymous.
    And as such, this has not been verified by myself.

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