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Problem: Up to 34 second delay on non-FTA Channels + random 7-10 sec Screen Freezes.

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  • [HELP] Problem: Up to 34 second delay on non-FTA Channels + random 7-10 sec Screen Freezes.

    My VU+ Duo HD has been running fine after it’s setup about a week ago, but has now developed an annoying problem:
    For example, I might have watched FTA BBC 1 HD for 40 minutes or so, but when I go to epg and select say Animal Planet HD (or ‘any’ non-fta channel) there is a 34 second delay before the channel appears on screen. Up to 34 seconds of black screen & silence.
    However, once it eventually bursts into life I can switch between non-fta channels at will ...with no channel start delays. Also, when viewing a non-fta channel I am able to flick to a fta channel ‘briefly’, then back to any non-fta channel with no hesitation at all.
    But once again, if I spend as little as 10 to 15 mins watching any fta channel the same problem will occur when subsequently selecting a non-fta channel.
    Has anyone experienced something similar ...or hopefully has a solution please?

    This 'might' be a sods-law coincidental thing:
    In parallel with the above I’m also getting random (perhaps every 10 to 30 minutes) screen freezes that last between 7 to 10 seconds.
    There is no interruption to any other digital services that are 100% alive & well at the same time as the problems.
    I have tried restarting softcam (1.35a), restarting enigma, rebooting the box, mains powered off the box for 20 mins (not necessarily in that order I might add) ...but each time it continues to have the same faults.

    Both Swap and Auto Cache Flush are enabled.

    Any suggestions/solutions?

    VU+ Duo HD, Vix 3.0, Crossepg, fixed dish 28.2e, 5’10, overweight, 42" waist, love pizzas (too much), 750GB Internal HDD, Swap enabled, Auto Cache Flush enabled.

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    I have Same problems but when i changed TV HD to other it worked Fine


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      Hi Dany2012,
      I'm not quite sure what you mean.


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        Instant. No delay.
        in the first ; checking a cables
        I noticed from the Vu + duo Hd and Tv Hd
        Response to everything is ok
        but with vu+ duo Hd and tv normal
        Response to everything is not ok
        there is a 34 or 40 and 50 second delay before the channel appears on screen, and sometimes I hear the sound before the image appears on screen


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          Ah OK. Thank you Dany2012, I'll go see.


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            Solved! ...The problem is due to the config settings in the 'mg_cfg' file.
            For the VU+ Duo ensure that the lines within the file (ONLY those listed below) are changed.
            (((REMEMBER to save a copy of your existing cfg file to your PC / stick BEFORE you do this)))
            Find the following lines in your mg_cfg file and change to exactly as shown. Leave all other text unaltered.
            Changes listed here:
            Type EXACTLY as shown.

            M: { 01 }
            C: { 01 }
            A: { 01 }
            U: { 01 } 0x12c0
            T: { 00 }
            G: { 01 }
            N: { 07 } 5 30
            K: { 07 }
            Q: { 120 }
            P: { 00 }
            O: { 00 } root password
            S: { 00 } 80
            L: { 00 } 28007 /tmp/mgcamd.log
            E: { 15 }
            H: { 07 }
            R: { 04 }
            D: { 00 }
            B: { 06 }
            F: { 00 }
            Hope this helps.


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              So, you reached to resolve ? we will Close this post.

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