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how to fix 23.976fps video sync issues

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  • how to fix 23.976fps video sync issues

    This is a 24p fix from Christian Troy the Android WeTek developer. It seems their very up to date AMLogic supplied Linux Kernel has a few different hooks for 1080p23Hz aka 24p playback mode. Their DTS/Dolby audio Licences are likely to have given WeTek a slightly different Android AMLogic Linux Kernel than other OEM's.

    This specific hook is not in the correct order of the Kodi mainline code for 24p (Frame Rate Automation) to work on Android Kodi on the Core and hence a custom version was required.

    To install:
    • Backup you Android Kodi data:
    • Remove the old Kodi installation > Android Settings > Apps > Kodi > uninstall
    • Download this Core custom version of Kodi 15.2 using a WebBrowser:
    • WeTek Core Kodi 15.2 fix HERE
    • Using the Amaze file explorer App, navigate to the Downloads folder and install the downloaded .apk file.

    And for those worried about Kodi GPL2 modified source code being published, here is the commit:
    WeTek Core Kodi 23hz Commit
    It really does not apply to other AMLogic S812 OEM's tho.


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